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Why Choose Litter Getters?

There are many reasons you should have Litter Getters perform litter removal on your property.  Some are explained below, also be sure to have a look at the gallery page for more proof of our excellent work. Our services are unmatched Many commercial landscaping, lake management, erosion control, and turf management companies offer light debris removal as part of their maintenance contracts but the job performed is exremely poor compared to one done by Litter Getters.  Most of these companies will only remove the most obvious trash and leave behind things that are sunken in the water or hidden under fallen leaves.  Many other companies will ride around in motorized vehicles such as a golf cart and never even see anything beyond the outer edges of your property.  When Litter Getters performs a job we will: Walk every inch of land unless access to a certain area is impossible due to vegetation growth. Walk or paddle a boat through all water removing both floating trash and trash that has sunk to the bottom. Walk and boat through the same areas at night which enables us to see litter reflecting in the beam of a headlamp that cannot be seen during the daytime. Remove all litter and heavy debris that can be moved without heavy machinery (generally up to around 500 pounds). View the gallery below for the difference between a job done by Litter Getters and those done by other contractors.  Anybody can quote you a low price and not actually do anything it takes Litter Getters to get the job done right!
We will recycle the litter and debris removed from your property Most companies that remove litter during their maintenance of an area will toss it all in a dumpster headed to the landfill.  When cleaning a large area this can add up to many tons of trash and large debris.  Litter Getters will sort through the litter we collect and recycle things such as plastics, aluminum cans, tin cans, all metals, glass, tires, and more.  This is done at no cost to our customers because it is the right thing to do. Another reason you should DEMAND that any company collecting litter on your property recycles is that some wildlife such as frogs and skinks will occasionally hide in cans, bottles, and other litter.  When a company blindly puts the litter into a trash bag, ties it shut, and throws it into a dumpster this means the death of the wildlife that was just looking for a place to escape the sun or cold.  During a one month period Litter Getters saved and released 20 Hyla squirella (Squirrel Treefrogs) that were discovered while sorting through recyclables collected in a nature preserve that would have otherwise been thrown away.  Try finding another company that can guarantee that type of service and concern for wildlife!
Feedback and monitoring of areas All jobs done by Litter Getters will be performed by the owner of the company, so you can be assured it will be done correctly.  Many other companies only hire professionals for office staff to sell their services while the laborers they actually have performing the job could care less about the company and just want to get paid.  Litter Getters will keep detailed records of the amount of litter collected on your property including pictures of all litter removed.  This information will be given to you on a regular basis to show progress and prove the value of our services.  We will let you know of other problems occurring on your property and can even set up game/trail cameras to catch crimes in action if necessary.  Some issues Litter Getters commonly discovers include: Trails being built in the woods either by kids making a treehouse or homeless people setting up a home.  Either option usually means they will clear large areas of the woods and kids usually will spray paint trees and leave litter behind. Unauthorized access by vehicles on your property. Littering by other contractors working in the area. Neighboring homeowners using your property as an extension of their backyard and in some cases as a dumpster. View the gallery below for proof of some of these situations that Litter Getters presented to our clients.
We will not harm wildlife on your property When removing items such as tin sheets or flat boards it is common to encouter snakes, skinks, frogs, toads, and various insects.  It is  extremely important that you hire a company that will not kill these out of fear or stupidity.  Development has forced most wildlife in our service area into nature preserves and drainage channels and they should not be killed in the only home they have left.  Litter Getters will never kill wildlife while working on your property and is completely comfortable working alongside the native wildlife in our service area.
Respect for plant life Litter Getters will perform jobs on your property with as little impact on plants as possible.  We have specialty tools with various reaches in order to reach many areas without having to harm any plants.  Occassionally thick patches of greenbrier vines or similar thorny plants will need to be cut by hand to access areas but this is discussed with the client beforehand to decide on the best option. 
Fully insured Most jobs that Litter Getters performs require commercial automotive insurance and a general liability policy with the client named as an additional insured.  We have no problem meeting this requirement.  If you are seeking a single cleanup with no recurring services then items such as an additional insured certificate are going to raise our price since it cannot be spread out over the course of a year.
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