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Storeria dekayi
Nonvenomous/Harmless Status Very common in Katy and Cypress Texas Description/Identification A small snake with adults generally around a foot in length and babies that are smaller than an earthworm.  Coloration can be various shades of brown to an almost reddish color usually with speckles and blotches of white or yellow along the body.  This snake can be found just about anywhere in the area including gardens.  Both the Storeria dekayi texana (Texas Brown Snake) and Storeria dekayi limnetes (Marsh Brown Snake) along with integradations of the two can be found in the area and the difference is not likely to be noticed to the naked eye.  Behavior and size is identical for either species. Defense The first defense for this snake is to flee.  This is one of the few snakes in the area I would consider harmless because it does not bite.  If unable to flee they will often times puff up their body to look bigger and scare off an aggressor.  Many individuals will coil their body and hide the head underneath for protection.  If restrained may emit a foul smelling musk and twist around whatever is restraining it while spraying out feces. 
(Texas Brown Snake) or (Marsh Brown Snake)