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Nonvenomous The following snakes are nonvenomous meaning they do not inject venom when they bite.  
The following information is meant to show some of the snakes that occur in Katy, Texas and not to be a definitive field guide.  Before you touch any snake you should exhibit contradictory confidence as explained in the book Natures Garden by Samuel Thayer below: “Have you ever picked up a banana, peeled it, and then, just as you were about to take a bite, stopped suddenly, thinking, “Wait a second!  What if this is not really a banana?”  I doubt it.  Your ability to recognize bananas is probably well developed.  If you brought a bunch of bananas to the grocery store checkout and were charged for grapes, you would (kindly, of course) point out the mistake-because you can positively recognize bananas.  If the cashier called the produce manager, who then insisted the bananas were grapes, you would probably laugh, and certainly contradict him.  If he then pulled out a produce guide, with a clear color photo of bananas labeled “grapes,” you would inform him the produce guide must be misprinted.  Because you know what a banana looks like and nobody can convince you otherwise you have contradictory confidence.” That is how positive you need to be aboutt the identity of a wild snake before you touch it.  You never know when someone may decide to release their pet Black Mamba or King Cobra and you need to realize that regardless of geographical location any snake could be there.  Click on the picture of the snake or the name to be brought to a detailed page for each.
The following snakes are venomous meaning they inject venom when they bite.