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Syrrhophus (Eleutherodactylus) cystignathoides
Status Very common in Katy and Cypress Texas Notes A tiny frog that is usually brown, grayish, or green with speckles of darker colors.  This is a nonnative species that is expanding its range likely due to transport in landscaping plants.  Due to its small size and secretive nature most people probably have many of these frogs living in their front and backyards and do not realize it.  This frog is unique in the area because there is no tadpole phase, the frogs develop inside eggs laid on land and hatch out as a baby frog.  Voice/call Call sounds insect like and can be heard throughout front and backyards on almost any night it is warm enough.  Most people hearing this call likely think it is an insect and do not realize they have been hearing a frog all along.  The video below shows one calling in my backyard:
(Rio Grande Chirping Frog)