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Sus scrofa
Status Extremely common in Katy unknown in Cypress Texas Notes Feral hogs are extremely common and a nuisance throughout the United States.  The population in Barker and Addicks Reservoir alone is estimated in the tens of thousands and a pen trapping system has recently been approved for those areas.  Golf courses, communities, and private individuals all trap hogs throughout the area but it does little to stop the population from increasing.  Feral hog damage can easily be seen in most bayous and occasionally in neighborhood lawns throughout Katy.  Feral hogs are a pest both by causing ecological damage and by predating on some types of native wildlife. “Reality” television shows have made feral hogs out to be an extremely dangerous animal that must be feared but my opinion is this is complete fiction.  Think for a second whether you know anyone who has ever been killed or badly injured by a feral hog.  Chances are pretty good that you cannot name a single person even though there are likely thousands of feral hogs within a 10 mile radius of your home.  I have seen hundreds of feral hogs in the woods and bayous over the years and in absolutely every instance the feral hogs have ran away immediately once they detected my presence.  I do not believe a feral hog will ever attack a human if it has the ability to escape instead.  If a hog gets close all you need to do is make a loud noise or shine a flashlight in its direction if in the dark and it will run away.  If you have cornered or trapped a hog that is a different situation and like any wild animal who’s life is threatened it may attack.
(Feral Hog)