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Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix
Venomous Status Very common in Katy and Cypress Texas Description/Identification Coloration is a combination of brown with black crossbands.  This snake is a master of camouflage on certain forest floors and blends in so well it is virtually invisible.  Young snakes have a yellow tail tip and are sometimes hard to distinguish from young cottonmouths.  Can be found in multiple habitats and although typically seen on the ground it also can be found up in trees and bushes. Defense The first defense of this snake is either to flee or remain still in hopes that it is camouflaged well enough to remain hidden.  If restrained or accidentally stepped on this snake may bite in defense.  This is a venomous snake and you should not touch one or come within striking distance.  If you stay a few feet away from the snake and leave it alone there is nothing to fear about copperheads.  
(Southern Copperhead)