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Coluber constrictor anthicus
Nonvenomous Status Uncommon in Katy and Cypress Texas Description/Identification Coloration of adults varies but those I have seen in the Katy area are a combination of blue, black, white, leading to a reddish tan tail tip.  In certain lighting this snake can show a rainbow of colors.  In my opinion this is the most strikingly colored snake in the area.  Has round pupils and prefers open habitat such as cleared easements for gas line or power line. Defense The first defense for this snake is to flee.  This is a docile snake that is very reluctant to bite even when handled.  I have had individuals of this species hide their head under body coils, feign death, and rattle their tail against leaves in an attempt to sound like a rattlesnake but never had one attempt to bite. 
(Buttermilk Racer)