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Castor canadensis
Status Very common in Katy and Cypress Texas Notes Beavers are very common throughout the area around water but typically more active at night.  If you are walking by a pond in the dark and hear a loud slap on the water that is usually a beaver warning the rest of the wildlife of your presence.  The easiest way to tell a beaver is in the area is from evidence they leave behind like their mounded up lodge on the edge of the water and chewed up tree stumps resembling a sharpened pencil pointing in the air.  Many neighborhoods in the area have a constant battle on their hands trying to deter beavers from blocking off drains which should have been avoided in the first place by not building houses so close to bayous and lakes!  The beaver can be distinguished from muskrats, nutrias, and otter primarily by it’s large paddle like tail.
(American Beaver)